Whitcot Pool


About the project

Part of a large formal garden near Clun in Shropshire. I renovated an old leaky pond into a reflection pool to be enjoyed from the garden and from within the house.

Great crested newts

The old pond which dried out entirely in the summer contained great crested newts. After informing the Environment Agency, they advised me to undergo the complete renovation during the first 2-weeks in September.

All the young newts have left the pond at this time of year and give the new pond chance to settle before winter gets a grip. I’m pleased to report the pool is now teaming with great crested newts; a joy to see them back again.

The end result


Advice & Guidance

If you’re thinking of doing something similar…

It’s a good idea to have a few barrels on hand to store creatures you find including snails, caddice fly and pond weeds you decide to keep.

Remove all the old liner and any sharp stones and spare no expense underlining your pool. I like to line with clean builders sand and a professional underlay for an area of water this size.

  • Puncture the pool liner later, it will be challenging to find the leak.
  • Cost of repairing the leak magnified by the amount of work you might have to remove to find it. i.e. you may have to dismantle a rock waterfall or paved edging to reach the puncture.
  • Remember to dig part of the pool at least 3 ft deep; all the aquatic life will retreat to the deep water in winter.

Contact the Environment Agency with any questions you have; you may need to undertake an Environmental Impact Assessment. I’m also happy to help with any queries!



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