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Hi, I’m Floyd. I have been a professional gardener in the UK for over 30 years. I am currently based in Shropshire, working as a horticulturist for private individuals and businesses. In addition to my work as a landscape gardener, I offer garden advice (in-person and online) and 3D garden design.

I am sensitive to the needs of the environment and consider it a real privilege to work with my customers to deliver real gardening.

I am lucky to have gained such varied experience through my work as a landscape gardener. I believe this sets me apart from other online garden designers as I have a deep understanding of the needs of the soil, plants, and wider ecosystem, and can bring this knowledge to the table even when designing remotely.

Landscape Gardeners UK | Horticulturists Near Me | Gardeners In Shropshire

I am one of the most well-known gardeners in South Shropshire because of my colourful van! As well as being a professional landscape gardener, I am an online garden designer and offer bespoke gardening advice.

Garden advice

Online Garden Designer | Landscape Gardeners UK | Professional Gardener Near Me

I’m delighted to answer questions about everyday garden maintenance, such as planting, pruning and managing your garden throughout the seasons, as well as offering advice on larger landscaping projects.

3D garden design

I can bring your dream garden to life using the latest 3D garden design technology. If you’re based in Shropshire, look no further for a local garden designer near you.

I also deliver international garden design projects using an interactive, online garden planner tool.

Real gardening

The Moat House

I have been a Real Gardener for 30 years and am lucky enough to still be gardening professionally now. 

I am proud to share a living portfolio of my past and present work in garden maintenance and landscaping.

3D Garden Design

As a professional horticulturist, I incorporate my knowledge and experience of day-to-day gardening into my online garden designs. If you are keen to find a garden designer near you who understands general garden maintenance, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

The blocks below show how the garden design process works. Please get in touch for more information.

1. Start

Render in 3D to scale your present house and garden


2. Design

Render in 3D alternative designs to suit your needs

3. Inspire

Offer a mood board of planting choices and options

4. Create

Render in 3D your chosen planting and design

Garden Advice

I love to share what I’ve learned over the years as a gardener who has worked across the UK and now in Shropshire.

Whether you would like a one-off chat about how to look after certain plants in your garden, or would like to make regular appointments to learn more about garden maintenance, I’d love to hear from you.

I offer bespoke gardening advice both in-person (if you’re local to Shropshire) or online. Please contact me to find out more.

If you’re desperate to find out how to prune native garden plants, such as Wisteria and climbing Rose, check out the videos below!

Real gardening

My gardening career started at the Sutton Place Estate in Surrey where I learned from some of the best horticulturists and landscape gardeners in the UK. Over the years, I have grown into a Real Gardener and take much pride in the projects I’ve been lucky enough to work on. My gardening now takes a holistic approach, ensuring I garden for both people and planet.

"Floyd has a huge knowledge of all facets of our commercial garden. Incredibly helpful and always willing to offer advice as to the best practice. Very experienced and a thoroughly decent person to work with. A very very happy client of many years."


– The Owner at The Castle Hotel, Bishop’s Castle

"Floyd has worked for us for a couple of years in our large Shropshire garden. He has worked wonders, particularly on observing and enhancing the sensitive relationship between the cultivated garden near the house and the wilder parts beyond. He is also not shy of heavy labour and can transform a mess into a haven in the blink of an eye. His approach is a perfect blend of artistry and practicality. Thoroughly recommended."


– Mark and Frances

"Floyd is a professional horticulturalist who is passionate about his work. He’s knowledgeable and hardworking and is making a big impact on our mature garden, moving plants for best impact and giving invaluable advice. I’m very fortunate to have found him. He really is A Real Gardener."


– Pam & John

Outdoor musings

While I’m out gardening, I love to note down weird and wonderful plants I see throughout the day. I enjoy researching and writing about what I discover, and sharing this through my blog. It helps me to think about garden advice I could offer, including tips and planting ideas. Feel free to send me requests for new posts!

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I still believe in magic

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A Druid’s tale

A Druid’s tale

A Druid's taleIn the hedgerow now, take a close look! A Druid's tale - Nine hazel trees grew around a sacred pool, dropping nuts into the water to be eaten by some salmon which absorbed the wisdom....

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GorseFurze – Ulex Europaeus, Ulex Galli, Ulex Minor Already in flower now, ablaze upon the moorland. One of my favourite wild reminders the season has begun. Folklore reminds us that you should only...

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I usually respond to emails within 24 hours. The best time to call me is first thing or in the evening. Thank you.

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