The Lucky Gardener

Hi welcome to my site, it’s firstly a living portfolio of my past and present work; I’m still A Real Gardener, weeding, pruning and planting for a living. I still count my self lucky to do so.

Are you unsure how to move forward with your garden ideas? ARealGardener offers a professional overview of the whole garden or advice on specific garden problems.

I hope my site shall also act as a direct link to me for real practical advice on the day to day and the more elaborate problems customers face in the garden after all the garden is meant to be fun! a sanctuary from the hard grind.

The garden can also be a reserve for nature, productive for both you, your family and local wildlife.





Holistic organic management is an ideal to work towards, I am still learning and inspired to better practice, rewarded by the results daily

Helping Nature in you Garden

Holistic Management and best practice


I believe the secret to a good gardener is a sensitivety to the needs of the environment,

Garden Maintenance and Care

As a professional gardener, its a real privilege to work in a customer's little paradise. I often remind my self, far be for me to add or take away from someone else's vision. Instead, listen carefully to them and offer only the tools needed to expand there own dreams.

Garden Design and Build

Often Customers have well-formed ideas of what they wish to achieve, but only partial knowledge of how to manage the logistics. Understanding of Timing, Quantities, Plant Machinery and Manpower all requires experience gained over many years, getting this right is essential if you want to keep costs from escalating.

Breaking The Rules

Often my task as a professional gardener is to advise on how you can break the rules. Advice on how to plant , prune, and maintain your garden out of season. It's not always possible to do things by the book sometimes you have to " move that rose in summer if the builders are arriving to start the extension"

About Me

Welcome to Arealgardener!! Here is a growing selection of work initiated over 20 years past. A natural progression from my estate training at Sutton Place. I became self-employed and the slow maturing of business became the basis of Arealgardener.

Reflected throughout the seasons, I have had to adapt to real gardening, for real people, with real needs. Always I hope to keep in essence the viewpoint of a real gardener in all developing projects undertaken.

With Regards,

A.P Harold