Small woodland garden


The Brief

A delightful request to design a small woodland feel garden. This design is an example of my work that I usually undertake on a much larger scale.

Perfect habitat for nature, this is a mixed native planting utilising smaller trees in a medium-size garden. Key to success in a smaller space is a balance of tree canopy providing shade cover and open space to capture the light. The diverse micro-environments this creates attract a range of wildlife to the garden.

Small woodland garden

The Proposal

Birch trees are a lovely choice for a smaller space if you want height as they grow reasonably fast but not too big, showering the garden in dappled light.

Rowen, the Celtic tree of protection, again not too big and has a delicate, graceful form and bountiful crops of berries for birds in autumn-winter.

Plum and Birdcherry can grow quite large and are best planted away from the house. Early flowers and fruit are a welcome addition for both the owners and wildlife.

The Weeping willow request by the owner needs space and distance from the house, a favourite place to rest in the shade and enjoy the garden.

The lawn allowed to grow into a wildflower haven with a cut pathway trail through the garden enhances the flow of movement; the hidden area expands the space’s perceived size.

The pergola seating area requested is thoughtfully positioned to capture the sun while remaining private from overlooking neighbouring windows.

Careful choice of a border planting will yield colour, scent and nectar for bees and insects, in turn, encouraging feeding birds to join you in this little nature reserve.

I look forward to reaping magical photos and tales from this island dingle in the near future.

Please click on the images below to see the Mood Boards and the Design Plan.

Pergola Border

“The seller understood all my requirements from the start of the project. I am so pleased with the outcome I would recommend him to everyone.

I am so excited to complete my project, I love a nice garden and he has put together a nice garden. All the best my friend!”



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