Small bird-friendly garden with patio


About the project

A very special customer (my dear Mum) asked me to design and build a bird-friendly garden with a secluded patio, which caught the sun and also offered a private place to relax.

The garden

My Mum and Dad are both keen gardeners, so a large selection of bird-friendly shrubs and trees were included to provided structure and plenty of cover, fruit and berries for the birds. Lots of evergreens and grasses will also help the birds through the winter and keep the garden alive in the cold months.


Advice & Guidance

How to attract birds into your garden

Lots of open flowering species were chosen specifically to attract butterflies and pollinators, in turn, this also attracts birds to the garden.

The video is a few years old now; the garden looks stunning and I hope still brings plenty of joy to my Mum and Dad in their retirement.



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