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The Brief

Design a garden in South Australia using only native planting. The design needs to soften a proposed new build barn as part of an application to the local council.

I love a challenge, so I enjoyed developing this unusual garden and my knowledge of Australian fauna. Indeed I was amazed at the variety of beautiful plants native to the Australian bush.

The customer with small children also requested a large lawn play area and an area to grow vegetables.

Ever conscious of the need to collect and conserve water, the design needed to hide large water tanks.

The house is also undergoing renovation and the garden needs to work with the new home build into the future.

The Process

3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD) elegantly enables you to walk through contrasting alternatives virtually before work begins.

Quite often, it becomes apparent that your first concepts do not work in practical day-to-day use. The capability to swap and change the design virtually really helps the customer and the designer achieve a beautiful outcome to treasure.

Click on the images below to see the native plant selection, the project design and the finished site. 


“Andy is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about all things landscaping and gardening. He kept communication going throughout the project and helped through each step. I knew that my ideas and plan were in safe hands and the final product did not disappoint, it actually exceeded my expectations.

I highly recommend Andy, you won’t be disappointed. Look forward to sharing photos of the actual garden with you when it has been completed.”



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