Victorian Farm House

One of my favourite benefits as a gardener is the lucky ability to work all day immersed in nature, especially when this is located in remote, idyllic paradise like Cum head Farm House

These early builders know precisely the right location to shield this farmhouse and grounds from the elements in a wild landscape overlooking the Shropshire hills.

It’s my great pleasure to help the owner maintain and develop the garden and grounds, which support a traditional terrace and rose garden, herbaceous borders and a lovely orchard

Formal gardens
Contrast a wonderful natural setting
Roses partner with wild flowers
Woodland embraces the view
A Foxglove Haven

The woodland garden and embankment are full of naturalised wildlife planting. With perfusion of early flower bulbs and wildflower spices. I find rare slow worms on this embankment regularly

I look forward to further improving the gardens and grounds, directed by the owner’s nature sensitive outlook.

Recent Jobs in this garden

Pruning a climbing Rose
How to prune and train a climbing rose, step by step instructions to encourage more flowers.

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