Moat House

A 16th-century Moat House

 This garden is a pleasure to work in, with beautiful gardens and the call of coots on the fringes of the lake gently remind you what a natural nature reserve this historic property has become.

Native trees surround the grounds, Oak, Ash, Alder and willow. Birch trees line the drive with a graceful majesty to the approach. Its all about maintaining a balance in such space with needs no intrusive addition.

Subtle pruning of all the trees to extend life and renewal, thining out excessive growth of self-seeded goat willow and sycamores, remove choking vegetation from the pool, to allow areas of clear water for fish and foal to feed.

Lake Restoration

An old silted up carp pool
In need of restoration

Careful addition of Grasses, Iris and lavender around the house offered no interruption to the landscape while providing a natural softness to the patio areas. High summer offers a swathe of meadowsweet and flag iris to the water margins while tall bullrush stand proudly in open water, nature needs no improvement just a helping hand