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Here is a growing selection of work initiated over 20 years past. A natural progression from my estate training at Sutton Place. I became self-employed and the slow maturing of business became the basis of Arealgardener.

Reflected throughout the seasons, I have had to adapt to real gardening, for real people, with real needs. Always I hope to keep in essence the viewpoint of a real gardener in all developing projects undertaken.

Sutton Place

Trained at Sutton Place Estate In Surrey under head gardener John Humphreys, in my late teens and early twenties the standard was set. Money was no object as this the former house of John Paul Getty the well-known oil millionaire. I enjoyed a rare time in my life where there were no limits to the possibilities in the garden.

After a few years of gardening on the Estate, I felt ready for the world and soon after became a Forman for Blake-down landscape subcontractor. I was responsible for planting many thousands of trees in and around South Wales. This was all part of a motorway development project and I felt an essential pay off to the environment. Although this project was worlds apart from life on the Estate it taught me many of the practicalities of success in such a hard landscape.

Sutton Place
Woodland Garden

After three years in Europe working as a gang Forman I returned to Shropshire to tackle an interesting project to create a woodland walk through our secret hills in Clun, Shropshire.

Many years of self-employment developed into my present business, A Real Gardener.

Fortunately, fate crossed my path with a young enthusiastic aspiring garden designer Georgina, whose insightful approach to the challenge encourages a new perspective to my work

Georgia Morris

Hi I’m Georgie, I’m a young enthusiastic gardener with big dreams of becoming a garden designer. I dropped out of University to pursue my passion for gardening; I think it all started in the first few years of my life living on a small holding and helping my Mum out with her herb business. Her favourite phrase was “every bit you do is one less thing for me” which pretty much sums up my helpfulness, however over the years it’s help build a base for my work now. Further down the line having dropped out of University in search of a gardening career, I found myself wildly out of my depth and searching for a buoyancy aid. My rescue came in the shape of Floyd, an extremely diverse and experienced gardener. He took me on (because I survived a day of pruning apple trees in the snow) and has imparted to me as much knowledge as I can retain. Although I feel like I will forever be learning from him.

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